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Remap Your Car In Spain - Dyno Powered Custom Files 

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remapping. what it can do for you...

30% more power on average, and up to 20% fuel savings

  • Stage 1 average power gain of 30% (across all makes/models)

  • Up to 20% saving at the pumps

  • Better throttle response

  • Less gear changes

  • Enhanced drive-ability

  • Safer, quicker overtaking

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Custom plans for stage 2, 3 + including builds

why choose rage?

in house tuning development with rolling road - all files are custom made in house

Unlike most remapping centre's in Spain, Rage are able to build and fully customise files specific to your car thanks to our expert knowledge with engine tuning software. Our Bapro 2wd dyno is extremely accurate thanks to it's genuine Eddy current brake (unlike inferior inertia driven dyno's or those with Chinese brakes) This is reflected in it's price tag which is similar to low end 4x4 dyno's. Tailored plans for stage 2+ are available and we can help you with the necessary mechanical modifications.
If you manage a tuning centre please enquire about our file service.

Software Development

Up to 100% fully custom files

  • A little more boost here?

  • A little more fuel there?

  • Engine mods that require changes in software?

  • Rage can develop and tailor your software specifically for your car

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BAPRO Dynamometer

  • Accurate pin-point graphing of real power thanks to a huge genuine Eddy current brake

  • No 'cartoon graphs' made by inferior dyno's that are either inertia driven or have cheap chinese brakes

  • Measurements up to 1000bhp - 8000nm - 360kmph

  • Fault monitoring


After Care

30 day money back guarantee

  • Our care doesn't end after the remapping

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Future adaptations possible

  • Always contactable with our fixed premises & landline


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